Q: Why should I use a stemie?

A: Stemie is not a must, but very comfortable and a lot softer than metal.

Q: Bike stems are different shapes and sizes; how does Stemie fit?

A: Stemie is made of highly flexible silicone rubber and is designed to mold and stretch, or hug and compress over a variety of stem joints.

Q: What riders use stemie?

A: Mountain bikers, bike polo players, downhillers, freestylers, roadsters, urbanites, couriers and a whole range of other rider categories for which we are still trying to find names.

Q: Is Stemie a safety device?

A: Stemie is designed to reduce impact between your body and a bicycle's stem joint. It is not a safety device.

Q: Where can I buy stemie?

A: Stemie is available online internationally.